For those who thought Z resistance was unreachable


Z resistance
is finally a reality
in 3D printing!

With our RAPTOR series, we developed our very own laser sintering machines with Industrial Manufacturing capabilities. The RAPTOR 84X-Q reaches a productivity increase of up to 90% thanks to the advanced four scanner/laser system and the exceptionally big build room. The series is perfectly compatible with the innovative ThermoMelt™ technology which enables the efficient use of high-performance polymers - making Z resistance finally a reality in 3D printing.

The most modular & flexible 3D printer on the market

  • Two technologies combined into one:
    > Laser Sintering System
    > ThermoMelt™
  • Two product ranges available:
    > 22X-S and 22X-S ThermoMelt™
    > 84X-D, 84X-Q and 84X-Q ThermoMelt™
  • Up to 90% more productive
    > the biggest powder bed fusion system
    > faster due to advanced four scanning system
  • Designed for the future

Process capability up to 220 °C (280 °C upon request) allowing continuous processing of high performance materials.

  • Designed for standard filled and unfilled materials such as PA11 & PA12…
  • Opens new opportunities with high demanding applications using high temperature materials such as PEKK, PPA, PPS, PEEK…
  • Productivity increase for specific materials like TPU
  • Perfect match with Automotive & Automation industries but also with Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Consumer goods & Electronics markets.

A strong step towards Industrial Additive Manufacturing


ThermoMelt™ technology your 'Cost partner'!

Our ThermoMelt™ machines (84X-Q ThermoMelt™ and 22X-S ThermoMelt™) are operating at lower temperature than SLS, optimizing powder consumption

You significantly reduce your costs per part.

ThermoMelt™ technology reaches the unreachable

  • Less thermal stress on the material allowing for more powder re-usability (up to 95%)
  • Better melting quality
  • Less maintenance

Technical questions

Are the RAPTOR series and the MMPS System compatible?

Yes, the MMPS system has been designed to perfectly match the Industrial Additive Manufacturing capabilities of the RAPTOR series. Our goal is to create open platform systems that can be used with both existing and new equipment.

What does “parameter open” mean?

Flexibility is a key factor to ensure that your SLS machines and equipment remain up-to-date with your changing production at all times. That is why all of our equipment is parameter open. It means that you do not need an LSS technician to change factors like density or tensile strength. Over 30 parameters can be changed by you. In case you need assistance, our technicians are happy to guide you along the way.

What does the post-processing of a build look like?

Any printed part has to be “broken out” of the build cake. This is easiest done in a Break-Out-Station. After that, it depends on whether it is a part later visible for the consumer or invisible. Invisible parts tend to only need blasted clean. Visible parts might also need to be sanded (in order to achieve a smother finish) and then painted.

What are the installation conditions for the RAPTOR?

With any SLS machines or equipment the main factors to consider are: temperature, humidity, space needed, distance to flammable objects and people working in the area around the machine. For detailed information, please consult the corresponding brochure or contact us.

Are there financing options for the machines available?

Yes, our clients can choose among buying, renting or leasing the machine or payment by instalments. Our partner bank is happy to help you work out a payment option that suits your business.

What is ThermoMelt™?

The innovative ThermoMelt™ technology enables the efficient use of high-performance polymers in laser sintering. The build room is not heated up as much and a stronger laser sinters the material. This decreases the thermal aging and allows for a higher recyclability (up to 90 %). All of our RAPTOR machines can be upgraded with ThermoMelt™ and it might also be possible to upgrade your existing machine. Contact us to find out more.