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We are your one-stop seller of machines, materials, peripheral systems and support.Our innovative products not only meet the current, but also the future high demands of our customers in all imaginable production, research and development areas. We dedicate all our power to anticipating future market requirements and to having just the right answers at hand for the complex questions of tomorrow with our know-how and scientific curiosity.

With our RAPTOR series, we developed our very own laser sintering machines with Industrial Manufacturing capabilities. The RAPTOR 84X-Q reaches a productivity increase of up to 90% thanks to the advanced four scanner/laser system and the exceptionally big build room. The series is perfectly compatible with the innovative ThermoMeltâ„¢ technology which enables the efficient use of high-performance polymers - making Z resistance finally a reality in 3D printing.

The Modular Material Processing Solution (MMPS) cuts down powder handling time by 50% and reduces the direct contact to powder – saving our customers both time and money. The system is flexible, easy to clean, features a compact design and offers high speed and safety alike. All while maintaining an easily understandable user interface.

RAPTOR series

For those who thought that Z resistance was unreachable...


MMPS system

For those who thought that 3D printing couldn't be automated...