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For over 15 years, LSS provides expert service for state-of-the-art Polymer Laser Sintering (PLS), Metal Laser Sintering (MLS) and Stereolithography (SLA) as well as customer-specific solutions. Thanks to our field knowledge in industries like automotive, electric and electronics, consumer and industrial goods, healthcare, oil and gas, we are constantly developing new and better solutions for our customers. Additionally, our team is able to support you every step of the way.

Choose LSS as your solution provider

As a reliable business partner, we see us being up-to-date and supplying you with innovative solutions a true added value. Products are not just simply sold by us; instead we develop solution proposals with individual concepts. Our goal is to achieve measurable benefits for our customers.

We provide safe customer solutions, clearly profiled and technically innovative. From co-selling across requirement analysis to the point of installation which is followed by an on-site-training and of course the adjacent machine service, we are a reliable partner.

Over the years LSS has developed lot of different upgrades allowing a substantial increase in productivity and quality or simply made the systems more reliable. Beside the upgrades shown here, special solutions have been created again and again, which gave us then the technological possibilities to design customer-specific special machinery.

By the way, we still do that; so feel free to contact us.

Xstream BDS Digital

Digital Scanning-Upgrade for up to almost 300% higher productivity and also greatly improved detail resolution

The Xstream-BDS Dig­i­tal Up­grade is a pro­duc­tiv­ity and qual­ity up­grade. To­gether with a greatly im­proved de­tail res­o­lu­tion it is pos­si­ble to achieve a pro­duc­tiv­ity in­crease of up to 300% in com­par­i­son to an ana­log "High­Speed" ma­chine, and even close to 500% in com­par­i­son to an ana­logue "Base" sys­tem. Fine de­tails with walls as thin as 0.5mm will come out crisp and strong and the un­matched po­si­tion­ing ac­cu­racy of these new scan­ners re­sults in bet­ter part ac­cu­racy and smoother walls.

Double or triple your production of one machine at a price lower than a half.

UniHeat V5 & C-Heat plus

Uniheat V5 & C-Heat plus for up to 28% higher productivity and useability of the build chamber

The Uniheat V5-upgrade is complementary to the ATC-upgrade a quality and productivity increasing improvement and helps additionally to reduce the scrap risk. While the ATC guarantees a stable part bed temperature during the entire build, but with no influence on the part bed temperature homogeneity of each layer, the Uniheat-upgrade offers exactly this opportunity. As a result the mechanical performance variation of parts is reduced, as well as the inbuild-curl effect of big flat parts. Furthermore comes with this upgrade a wider useable part bed area which offers then in total up to 28% more build volume, which equals an increased productivity of about the same value.

ATC (Advanced Temperature Control)

The ATC...the real deal! Most stable temperature detection. High failure safety.

His­tory has proven the ATC-Up­grade is the best value for money up­grade for any PLS sys­tem ever. For most of our cus­tomers the in­vest­ment for this up­grade paid off after five builds only.​With this up­grade risks of fail­ure are re­duced to an ab­solute min­i­mum and al­lowed pro­duc­tion of con­sis­tent parts. Man­u­fac­tur­ing risks like vary­ing qual­ity due to tem­per­a­ture drifts, bad sen­sor clean­ing or cool­ing line prob­lems caus­ing mas­sive costs for re­pair are lower than for any other tem­per­a­ture de­tec­tion sys­tem.