In this global pandemic, LSS is taking every precaution necessary to protect our team, clients and suppliers. At the same time, we want to do our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and support the essential personnel as much as possible. That is why we now print splashguard masks on our SLS systems. You can find all the details below as well as the contact information you need to order your masks now.

We are very happy that we get the chance to help in this crazy situation. For us, it was obvious that we would try to support the people around us as much as possible. That is why, for a limited time, we decided to use our SLS machines to print these masks. At the same time, we also stick to our normal business and sell materials, upgrades and services as usual. Once the pandemic is over, we will go back to our core businesses you all know: the RAPTOR, the MMPS, SLS materials, upgrades and services.


Our splashguard masks offer high security while still being comfortable to wear. You can find the details on sterilization options, safety precautions and general comfort in the information sheet on the right.

Order your masks now!

Via email

Via phone

+49 2301 91223 0

Price per mask: 38 € excl. VAT

Minimum order quantity: 5 masks


The frames of the masks are printed using our very own laser sintering system: the RAPTOR 84X-Q. It allows us to print up to 108 masks in just 28 hours.

The materials used are PA11 and PA12. These are standard polymers that are very light while being very strong as well. This makes the mask light-weight and robust at the same time.

Even though the general design of the mask was not our idea, we adapted it to match today’s needs and to ensure high-safety when interacting with other people.