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Join us at APS Meeting Lyon

on March 10, 2019
Join us at APS Meeting Lyon on March 19 & 20!

On March 19 and 20, 2019, the seventh APS Meeting in Lyon takes place. The 2-day congress is dedicated to additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping and product development. Book a meeting with us now or listen to our presentation about the ThermoMeltTM technology.

APS (Advanced Prototyping Solutions) Meetings take place all over France. This series of business conventions focuses on Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping and Product Development. Experts from a variety of industries discuss these topics in One-to-One meetings and workshops. The goal is to connect buyers and suppliers in a unique way via a special online platform. In 2018, APS organized more than 2.500 meetings for 345 international participants and 247 companies.

"The APS meeting is a unique B2B concept, that could be summarized like Agility, Professional, Straight to the point.", Ralph Rissé points out. "As a 3DP Machine producer this efficient format of 30 minutes meeting time with prebooked visitors drive us to qualitative interactions focusing on concrete problems to be solved. Also nice event in a great city Lyon , to be updated on the latest innovations and developments in this small 3D printing world."

We are especially excited for the presentation held by Ralph Rissé, Marketing & Business Development Director at LSS. The title of his talk is “ThermoMeltTM – The new 3D printing process for a greater industrial perspective of high-performance polymers” and it covers all there is to know about this innovative technology. You can listen to Ralph Rissé at 3pm on March 20, 2019.

Ralph Rissé summarizes the presentation: "Today, Polymer use in additive manufacturing is a dynamic field, driven by the need for high performance polymers to meet demanding technical requirements. ThermoMeltTM technology is the next step in AM , closing the gap with conventional Manufacturing technology, providing unreached isotropy, and Z direction performances to the 3D printed parts."

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