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Our success is based on a highly motivated and flexible team combined with a solid technical experience in additive prototyping and manufacturing equipment. As a team, we develop individual concepts and provide safe customer solutions – clearly profiled and technically innovative.


The RAPTOR series brings laser sintering to serial production. We combine a four-laser/scanner-system and a large buildroom with the chance to process high-performance polymers.



Each customer’s requirements are unique. We are here to help you find or design the best material for the function of your 3D printed part using our extensive material supplier network.



As a reliable business partner, we see us being up-to-date and supplying you with innovative solutions. Products are not just sold by us; instead we develop solutions to create a true added value.


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Headquartered in Kapfenberg, Austria, with its German branch located close to Dortmund, our LSS’ expert engineers offer all-in-one solutions worldwide from assessing the need for new machines, their customization, installation and maintenance as well as operator training. Our service portfolio is complemented by a wide range of high-quality materials, open platform machines and an automated powder management system.


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