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Join us at APS Meeting Lyon

On March 19 and 20, 2019, the seventh APS Meeting in Lyon takes place. The 2-day congress is dedicated to additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping and product development. Book a meeting with us now or listen to our presentation about the ThermoMeltTM technology.

APS (Advanced Prototyping Solutions) Meetings take place all over France. This series of business conventions focuses on Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping and Product Development. Experts from a variety of industries discuss these topics in One-to-One meetings and workshops. The goal is to connect buyers and suppliers in a unique way via a special online platform. In 2018, APS organized more than 2.500 meetings for 345 international participants and 247 companies.

"The APS meeting is a unique B2B concept, that could be summarized like Agility, Professional, Straight to the point.", Ralph Rissé points out. "As a 3DP Machine producer this efficient format of 30 minutes meeting time with prebooked visitors drive us to qualitative interactions focusing on concrete problems to be solved. Also nice event in a great city Lyon , to be updated on the latest innovations and developments in this small 3D printing world."

We are especially excited for the presentation held by Ralph Rissé, Marketing & Business Development Director at LSS. The title of his talk is “ThermoMeltTM – The new 3D printing process for a greater industrial perspective of high-performance polymers” and it covers all there is to know about this innovative technology. You can listen to Ralph Rissé at 3pm on March 20, 2019.

Ralph Rissé summarizes the presentation: "Today, Polymer use in additive manufacturing is a dynamic field, driven by the need for high performance polymers to meet demanding technical requirements. ThermoMeltTM technology is the next step in AM , closing the gap with conventional Manufacturing technology, providing unreached isotropy, and Z direction performances to the 3D printed parts."

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Visit us at the AM Forum 2019

For two days, on March 14 and 15, 2019, networking events, master classes, lectures and panel discussions as well as workshops about AM will take place. This year the program for over 700 conference attendees consists of more than 90 exhibitors and 40 sessions. Main topics are New Materials, Development & Design, Series Production & Additive Factory and Business Models.

"The AM Forum is very practice-oriented," explains Klaus Laubinger, Sales Director LSS. "The lectures show directly how new technologies and innovations are used in everyday business.” The combination of lectures, networking, workshops and exhibitions is also very popular and has led, among other things, to the Forum's great growth in such a short time.

Just like last year, LSS will be present with a booth. At Booth 49 we will be happy to answer your questions and explain how you can directly integrate our technologies in your company. Have a look!

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Press release: RAPTOR launch

LSS Laser-Sinter-Service GmbH introduces its RAPTOR series at Formnext (Hall 3.1 Booth E31) and further establishes itself as an emerging leader in the field of laser based powder bed fusion of polymers by taking Additive Manufacturing (AM) to the next industrial level.

The new RAPTOR 84X-Q, designed in an unmatched modularity, provides game-changing performance and significant reduction of costs per part, especially for high performance polymers. Featuring a build envelope of 800x400x480mm³, the RAPTOR 84X-Q is the world’s first polymer laser sintering platform equipped with a quad laser/scanner system, which allows production rates never been seen before. A dual laser/scanner model will be available as RAPTOR 84X-D model.

The RAPTOR 22X-S is the high temperature entry-level alternative with its build envelope of 250x250x300mm3.

Both RAPTOR models, the 22X-S and the 84X, are designed for the future of AM and will be available in a “TM” version, featuring the Airbus patented ThermoMelt™ process for high-performance industrial parts, and seem likely to become the market reference.

The combination of modularity, highest productivity and the new ThermoMeltTM process enables LSS to take the next big step in becoming a leading solution provider for Industrial Additive Manufacturing and highly demanding applications. The intrinsic features of our machines make high-performing, serial, and durable 3D printing a reality for our customers,” states Guido Elbrecht, CEO of LSS.

With an exceptional strength in Z direction, the RAPTOR TM-series delivers high-density parts at a cost structure unreached before. In the past, the use of high performance polymers required high process temperatures, which generated significant thermal aging of the polymer and made it almost impossible to re-use high-cost materials like polyetherketoneketone (PEKK), polyphthalamide (PPA) and polyphenylene sulfide (PPS). Operating at lower temperatures, ThermoMelt™ on the RAPTOR TM-series avoids the thermal aging and makes the recyclability of these polymers of up to 95% possible.

Hermann Hanning, CTO at LSS, added: “While designing the RAPTOR 84X-Q, we had typical LSS values in mind – be open, flexible, innovative and reliable. Thanks to its strict modular design, we can upgrade or modify the machine to match all process or application relevant requirements. This makes the RAPTOR series fit for the future and allows optimal integration and adaption according to the individual needs of each and every customer.”

As a laser sintering machine designer and producer, LSS targets added-value solutions for end-users. Open innovation is not an option anymore but a requirement. We collaborate with key industry leaders to seek new performing materials fitting our open systems to better serve un-matched demands in industries such as Automotive & Automation, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Consumer Goods and Electronics.

™ ThermoMelt is a trademark of Airbus S.A.S.

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Press release: ARKEMA cooperation

LSS Laser-Sinter-Service GmbH selected ARKEMA Kepstan® PEKK material for its new RAPTOR 3D printing machines series to develop 3D Printing industrial applications in the field of E&E.

LSS and ARKEMA are cooperating to combine the differentiating features of the Thermomelt™ technology (details definition, accuracy and surface smoothness) and of Kepstan® PEKK (halogen free, low dielectric constant, high breakdown voltage) to serve the needs of the E&E industry.

The RAPTOR TM series features the Thermomelt™ technology, an Airbus patented AM process for high-performance industrial parts. This innovative technology is designed to become the market reference for homogenous mechanical performance, with a cost-effective use of high-temperature polymers.

ARKEMA Kepstan® PEKK is the material of choice in 3D printing for demanding industrial applications with a unique combination of excellent thermo-mechanical properties, superior chemical and fire resistance (low flame, smoke and toxicity).

"My previous experience on the 3D printing material business development side strengthened my conviction that the combination Machine/ Material is crucial. Being innovative means changing the rules, open innovation like the Z resistance delivered by RAPTOR TM is now a reality with LSS.” says Ralph Rissé, Marketing & Business Development Director at LSS.

LSS is exhibiting at Formnext 2018 (Hall 3.1 Booth E31) and with a strategy to upscale Additive Manufacturing (AM) to the next industrial level. This partnership helps to position LSS as an emerging leader in laser sintering machines for industrial applications.

™ ThermoMeltTM is a trademark of Airbus S.A.S.

® Kepstan is a registered brand of ARKEMA